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Info About Your Server Giveaways

Be with updates about your server giveaway statistics that will let you take a good point about it

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 Total Giveaways
 Active Giveaways
 Ended Giveaways
 Total Wins
 Giveaways Creation

Charts Of Giveaways

We offer advanced and modern charts of giveaway statistics that will make viewing giveaways so much easy

Easy Commands Page

Find the commands you want from our easy commands page that will let you create giveaways faster and easier

Giveaways Wins

Take a look to giveaways prizes that you win with previously

Our Statics

Here Is our Big Numbers

We have a groing numbers, and trusted by more than 31k servers

31,616 Servers
7,125,547 Total users
1,568,143 Channels
221,452 Total Giveaways
512 Active Giveaways
220,940 Ended Giveaways

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Ticks Bot
Bot Server Website Dashboard

A discord Bot that supports many features such as: Suggestions System, Embeds, Statistics and Auto Role with an easy & stylish to use dashboard (For Completely 100% Free)

Dev List
Bot Server Website

Profiles for developers to link their projects, create teams & improve their skills and show others their creativity

Special Share
Bot Website

A bot that shares your servers in all servers that add the bot in a room. You can share your servers every 24 hours, and other features that you can see in our servers

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